Welcome to the Business Strategy International Society website.


If you are interested in business strategy and you have something to say about it, join our society.

Why to join?

Enhance your career

If you are looking to improve your career, by joining Business Strategy International Society, you will have the opportunity to be seen by many companies looking for great strategists.

Be part of a professional network

By joining our community you will be part of a professional community helpful to find valuable contributors in different countries. For example it is going to be useful to find local contributors if you need to enter in a new market/new country and you need help to set up the business strategy.

It is free

There is no fee to join our community.

Click here to register.

Our long term goals are to:

  • Highlight your competences related to business strategy.Through the cooperation in writing articles each of us will be able to show his/her academic know-how and working experience.
  • Collect relevant information about business strategy.We would like to write some articles about the state of the art on business strategy from an academic point of view. All members’ contribution is welcome.
  • Promote new ideas about strategic planning and management.Through the working practice we observe many different environments that help us to define a model (a working hypothesis) applicable to other practical cases. We are looking to share these models through the community.
  • Build up a network of strategist around the world.Since we are working in a global market, it will be helpful for our members to find valuable contacts in other countries ready to cooperate in setting up business strategies for different markets.

Our short term goals are to:

  • Create an academic group that will moderate the new articles submitted by members;
  • Define the main website structure, logo and categories;
  • Start adding relevant contents to our website through the contribution of all active members;
  • Build up personal pages where each member will add his/her professional history and published articles;
  • Define future website upgrades (forum, etc.).

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